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Iphone Afghan music Ringtones

Published: Oct 2, 2009 by admin Filed under: Ringtones Views: 77,864 Tags: ringtones, iphone, download
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Ringtones for iphone

These files will ONLY work on iphone.
use these at your own risk.

Shabnam Suraya - Biya ki Berum Bagh Ringtone
Shabnam Suraya - Sabza Ba Naz Ringtone
Valy - Doukhtar Afghan Ringtone
Ghazal - Gulem Gulem Ringtone
Ghazal - Nago Moora Ringtone
Shafiq Mureed - Khaista Afghanistan Ringtone
Sediq Shabab - Ma Che Kardam Ringtone
Gargasht - Badmash Ringtone

more coming soon......

Download then unzip the file somewhere in your computer
double click on the file, it will open in iTunes (you must have iTunes installed in your computer)
then from there sync it to your iphone.

Please leave a comment and let us know how did it go.................

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